Often, we think that life should be easy, especially when other people's lives seem to run more smoothly than our own.
We wonder why we carry such an enormous burden,
or, we think that our problems are insignificant compared to the tragedies in other peoples lives, and we should just toughen up.
The truth is, no pain is insurmountable and no amount of pain is trivial.
Acknowledging how our personal pain affects us is the first step toward the life we want, the next step is contacting Care 4 America
(352) 375-3335

Care 4 America offers Visiting Social Workers to homes, nursing homes & assisted living centers in North & Central Florida. Contact us for details at (352) 375-3335.

Care 4 America Accepts:
Flordia Blue Cross Blue Shield E.A.P.
Florida Medicaid
Flordia Magellan Medicaid - Magellan Behavioural HealthFlorida MINES & Associates
Florida Well Point Behavioral Health
Florida CIGNAFlorida Aetna
Integral Quality Care

MasterCard - Visa - PayPal - Discover

Skype or Phone Counseling
with Care 4 America

You are just a couple of clicks away and the first 5 minutes are free
with Dr. E. Tom Carroll, MA, LMHC. PC

Many insurance companies pay for on-line, Skype, Chat, telephone,
e-mail etc. We also accept on-line check, Master Card, Visa, Discover and others. Also, for those who are paying cash and have no insurance coverage, we utilize a sliding scale that is based on several factors and income to compute.

Contact us using phone, email or you can complete this Handy Email Form.
We will contact you back to verify your insurance and email or call you back, which ever you choose.

You can choose which way is best for you to talk to a professional:  (After hours are available)
The phone & fax numbers are below for each of our locations.

You can also send a standard Email.