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Often, we think that life should be easy, especially when other people's lives seem to run more smoothly than our own.
We wonder why we carry such an enormous burden,
or, we think that our problems are insignificant compared to the tragedies in other peoples lives, and we should just toughen up.
The truth is, no pain is insurmountable and no amount of pain is trivial.
Acknowledging how our personal pain affects us is the first step toward the life we want, the next step is contacting Care 4 America
(352) 375-3335

Care 4 America offers Visiting Social Workers to homes, nursing homes & assisted living centers in North & Central Florida. Contact us for details at (352) 375-3335.

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Amanda Pagan

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Amanda Pagan is a proud member of the Care 4 America Team, “Providing understanding and guidance that is tailored to your individual needs”.

Amanda Pagan's areas of expertise include: Substance abuse, ADHD, mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, parenting issues, depression., couples counseling, anger management.  In her own words, here are some specifics from Amanda Pagan on counseling topics.

Substance Abuse- I have previous experience at Meridian as a substance abuse therapist. Within my scope of experience, I treat the underlying issues that drive an individual to abuse drugs not just the symptoms.

Parenting skills- I can teach you and your child how to better communicate. I also help you utilize parenting techniques that are tailored to the issues at hand and you. 

ADHD- I work with ADHD adults and children to help them find ways to better use their energy. I also help ADHD individuals to focus and utilize their creative talents. I have experience with this disorder personally and have seen how energy can be redirected and utilized in better areas.

Mood Disorders/ Depression- Sometimes we go through ups and downs in our lives in which we cannot enjoy the things that we used to. I can offer assistance in helping you identify the stressors and getting through the muck of your life.

Couples Counseling- I also offer couples counseling. The techniques of empathy, mirroring, feedback, and I messaging are tools used to help you better communicate with your spouse.

Borderline Personality Disorder- Have you ever felt that things are always in black and white or that no one really cares? I offer you assistance in finding better ways to cope with the world around you. I can provide assistance in identifying better ways to express emotions and to accept your-self as worthwhile.

Anger Management- I provide assistance in coping with anger issues. The approach I take is finding the underlying sources of anger (often times anger is a mask for grief/ fear) that are causing the anger and treat the source.