Often, we think that life should be easy, especially when other people's lives seem to run more smoothly than our own.
We wonder why we carry such an enormous burden,
or, we think that our problems are insignificant compared to the tragedies in other peoples lives, and we should just toughen up.
The truth is, no pain is insurmountable and no amount of pain is trivial.
Acknowledging how our personal pain affects us is the first step toward the life we want, the next step is contacting Care 4 America
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Care 4 America offers Visiting Social Workers to homes, nursing homes & assisted living centers in North & Central Florida. Contact us for details at (352) 375-3335.

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Temperament Profile:
Arno Profile System

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The goal of Care 4 America is to help God's children reach their full potential. The divorce rate, sexual abuse and violence in the home are skyrocketing. Suicide, alcohol and drug abuse have become commonplace. High blood pressure and stress-related heart disease have become two of our nation's biggest killers. Carnality is seriously undermining the Church of Jesus Christ.

Creation Therapy is based on the theory of temperament (understanding of the inner man our intrinsic make-up) and uses this knowledge to help us understand ourselves.

Therefore, it allows us to be the best that God has created us to be by meeting the needs of our temperament equally and Scripturally. Although this therapeutic method is a fairly new concept (since 1983) it has proven to be extremely successful.

A Temperament Analysis Profile is similar to personality testing, but actually is not. Personality is the mask we wear and is formed as a result of how we were parented, the environment in which we grew up and circumstances that have occurred throughout our lives. Our temperament is who we really are underneath. Who we are determines the choices we make in life (friends, spouse, career) and how we interact with our significant others.

Many of us take a personality assessment hoping to find out who we are and understand ourselves better. Many are disappointed when they find themselves being placed in a single category that does not always match the way they really are. That's where Temperament Analysis differs from traditional personality testing. Like a fingerprint, each person is unique. Each one has different tendencies socially, and in decision making skills, and intimately. Using a system developed by Drs. Phyllis and Richard Arno, we evaluate each of those three areas giving you a thorough and in-depth look at your personal, unique temperament.

Creation Therapy is not the perfect answer. Nothing can exceed the gifted counselor who is walking in the wisdom of Jesus Christ. One thing is certain, however. The answer rests not in the world's "psycho-babble," but within our Owner's Manual: the Scriptures.

Neither Counseling, Therapy, Psychology nor Psychiatry can change a person not inclined to change any more than a Rain Dance. Only the Holy Spirit working in a life can alter such a person's course; literally an act of God.

It is understanding and acceptance of our unique self through Creation Therapy which causes us to allow God to effect change in our life.

Most interpersonal and interpersonal conflicts are caused by:

  1. attempting to meet in-born (temperament) needs in ungodly ways.
  2. spending energies meeting some temperament needs while others go ignored.
  3. our reaction to unmet in-born needs.

Creation Therapy identifies your temperament needs to help you find a balance in order to relieve the source of stress. This enlightenment will help you find peace within yourself, within your environment and with your Creator.

The whole concept of Temperament Analysis rests on discovering who we truly are rather than on who we have become. Most of us have a mask on (our personality) according to who we have learned to be, who we feel we are expected to be, and/or who we are forced to be from our family of origin and/or our peers. We can all acknowledge that very often our behavior and our language is a facade or a way of protection.

As we grow and live, most of us experience feelings of hurt, disappointment, fear, rejection, loneliness, grief, guilt, and/or shame. These feelings may cause us to project an image that is not necessarily true to who we really are. We think we need to protect ourselves using outbursts of anger, verbal abuse, manipulation, control or withdrawal. Usually we don't like ourselves much at these times, causing internal and external conflict.

We are unique creations of a loving and wise God. Since the fall of mankind, we have become like uprooted trees, separated from life-giving nourishment. Sin has separated us from God. A literal definition of sin is "to miss the mark." We have become separated from the Creator and all we like sheep have gone astray.

God has reached out to us in the person of Jesus Christ the Messiah. And even though we may accept this gift of eternal life, that does not make us instantaneously wise and all-knowing and it certainly does not instantly "fix" us. We must pursue Christ and learn of Him. And just as we learn of His magnificent design in all creation, we learn we are not all chaos, but fearfully and wonderfully made.

All the wonderful designs, inventions and specifications of all the world's great engineers are tinker toys compared to God's very specific design in us. The Scriptures are our Owner's Manual. God has made each of us with a unique blending of several temperaments that can be measured to an accuracy of better than 90%! God has created each of us to a unique purpose. The APS Temperament Analysis profile is an enlightening look "under the hood" of God's creation in us.

Arno Profile System

The APS (temperament analysis) is a computerized report created by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling in Sarasota, FL and is provided for Professional Christian Counselors. The APS deals with the inner man rather than outer manifestations or problems. In 1983, Drs. Arno began conducting research and developing a scripturally based therapeutic procedure that would produce effective, positive and more immediate results with those needing guidance/counsel.

The Arno Profile System does not measure a person's behavior; it identifies a person's intrinsic in-born, God-given temperament. Who God created us to be (temperament) and who we have become (through learned behavior) can be entirely different. We need to find out who we really are, and find ways to become the person God wants us to be (the true self) instead of the person we have learned to be (the masked self).

Presently over 4,000 Christian leaders, ministers and professional Christian counselors rely on the Arno Profile System to aid them in their counseling efforts. These Christians report an accuracy rate of over 93.4%! Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno developed the system over seven years through systematic research with over 7,000 individuals.

How accurate is this Temperament Analysis?

The counselees sought help for depression, inter/intra-personal conflict, marriage and family dysfunctions and anxiety. The purpose of the research was to:

In-depth studies were conducted on all current psychological assessments and/or behavioral inventories. For many reasons, the NCCA selected the FIRO-B, which was developed by Dr. Will Schutz, as its initial measuring device or questionnaire. The NCCA named its analysis procedure the Temperament Analysis Profile (TAP) which reveals the "hidden problems" that normally take the counselor seven or eight sessions to identify.

In November 2000 the NCCA changed the name from Temperament Analysis Profile to the Arno Profile System (APS) after the developers.

Traditionally there have been four temperaments that we have discovered (ancient Greek terms in origin).:

The fifth temperament, the Supine, is unique to the APS as discovered by Drs. Arno:

Perhaps you already see yourself in these descriptions. But note that we evaluate your temperament in three different areas:

Inclusion (social orientation and intellectual energies) 

Expressed: What we say we want 

Wanted: What we really want

Control (ability to make decisions and desire to take on responsibilities) 

Expressed: What we say we want

Wanted: What we really want

Affection (interaction in deep relationships)

Expressed: What we say we want

Wanted: What we really want

Although you may recognize yourself in a predominant theme, there is so much more about you to be discovered as most people are a blend of two temperaments in one or all of the areas mentioned above. 

Can you imagine how helpful it is to know yourself inside and out so that you can be free to be yourself at last? You'll know your true needs and be able to address them in a healthy way. You'll be able to understand others, and to be on the right road to healthy living. We must continually evaluate, adjust and improve if we want the best for ourselves and our loved ones, which is God's ideal for each of us.

Using this unique Temperament Analysis profile, each client is evaluated in the three areas mentioned above. The evaluation reveals in-depth information about you, how you express yourself, and who you really are in each of these areas. 

With respect to accuracy, no significant variations were found as a result of race or cultural differences. No significant variations were found as a result of temporary mood swings. Persons tested who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, however, have been proven to be invalid.